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Benefits of aloe vera

It belongs to the Aloeacee family and has been known since ancient times. Legends tell that even Aristotle (a philosopher and, before that, a professional expert in the field today called "herbal medicine”) advised the soldiers to use Aloe as a remedy to heal war wounds and recover the strength to continue the march.

Native to the arid areas of Africa, the plant - in ancient times - was used for therapeutic purposes even in places far apart from each other from a geographical point of view (from Egypt to Arabia). 

It is an oily plant with succulent leaves from which it is possible to obtain either aloe vera juice (from which the dry extract can be obtained) or aloe gel: both are characterised by important properties, also in the cosmetic field.

The juice of Aloe is obtained by engraving the leaves (excluding the epidermis), from the internal tissues of the plant, which is then concentrated and brought to a boil.

The gel, instead, is extracted from the cells present in the inner part of the leaf, characterized by a transparent and gelatinous material, rich in active principles.

Nowadays Aloe is used both as an ornamental plant and as a resource for the production of products for personal care, health and wellbeing. Consisting of dietary fibre, ash, calcium, protein, lipids, glycids, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, sodium and zinc, these are some of the properties of aloe:

  • It promotes the drainage of toxic substances and processes for their elimination from our body, with detoxifying and purifying action;
  • It counteracts the harmful action of free radicals (ROS), reactive oxygen chemical species that can seriously damage vital cellular structures, with antioxidant action;
  • It has an important gastroprotective activity, with analgesic, healing and anti-inflammatory action;
  • It counteracts the production of physiological mediators involved in inflammatory processes, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action.

Aloe vera gel has another important activity: it keeps moisture and promotes tissue hydration. 

In the cosmetic field, its benefits have been known for many years: the ability to refresh the skin and regulate its humidity, to make it softer, fresher and smoother, have meant that, to nowadays, the active ingredients of this plant are used for the production of many hair products, for body cleansing and skin well-being, body creams and face creams (day and night).

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