Causes and solutions against cellulite and water retention for a skin that looks radiant and toned.

Cellulite, or oedematous fibrous panniculopathy, is a disorder of the adipose tissue under the skin which tends to increase over time, creating the famous orange peel effect of the affected skin areas which appears with reliefs and hollows of the skin often visible by eye on the pelvic region (particularly the buttocks), lower limbs and abdomen.

Although cellulite on the thighs and buttocks is the most frequent, in fact it also occurs on the arms, abdomen, calves. This disorder occurs mainly in overweight people, but because it can have a different origin (dietary, hormonal, genetic), it affects men and women of all ages.

Cellulite manifests itself in most post pubescent women; it is found in 85-98% of women, indicating that it is a physiological rather than pathological phenomenon.

The reasons

It can result from a complex combination of factors, ranging from hormones to heredity. One of the major triggering reasons is the water retention, that is the struggle of your body to expel the liquids contained in it but as said, there are many causes of this disorder and it is incorrect to think that it is related only to a body weight factor. Hormones, diet and lifestyle have a great influence on cellulite, so it is not easy or simple to prevent its development or promote its elimination.

The advice

The advice to follow a healthy lifestyle, from nutrition to physical activity, is valid for a better approach to any type of pathology because these activities are a sign of good health. A healthy body will have the necessary means to deal with disorders and pathologies in a better way. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to combine an effective remedy against cellulite by choosing specific products such as creams and scrubs.


Innbiotec has developed in its laboratories RENOVASE CELL®, a targeted solution among what nature offers us every day: Glutathione, effective in combating oxidative cellular stress, Centella asiatica known for its ability to stimulate blood circulation, but also Hypericum, Vitamin E, and Shea butter for a toned and smooth skin.

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