Leg pains and cramps

Pain resulting from mild to moderate physical activity, how to prevent or treat it

Pain in the legs is a very frequent consequence of intense physical activity, so it affects both competitive and non-competitive athletes.

The causes

The causes are due in some cases to an excessive exercise load called overtraining (or overtraining), or to a wrong (or absent) warming up before activity. It shouldn’t be underestimated also the post-workout phase with the consequent fatigue. In some cases leg pain and joint pain can appear concurrently with cramps, whose intensity is more acute but also shorter, also due to overtraining and often dehydration.

The solutions

For athletes, a cramp during a competition or acute joint pain can mean poor athletic performance or, in more serious cases, injuries and dropouts.


It is possible to prevent cramps and joint pain, in the legs but not only, by taking care of your joints.


A correct hydration and intake of vitamin D and potassium can help, nature offers extremely effective solutions.


The devil's claw has been used for centuries for the treatment of inflammation, especially at the articulations, Boswellia serrata comes from oriental medicine for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


This is also a natural remedy for arthrosis and is provided byARTHRO PLUS®.

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