Skin irritation

Insect bites, sunburns, contact dermatitis: small and large skin problems

Skin irritations include a long series of mild and severe skin problems of various kinds. The resulting sense is always that of discomfort, in some cases accompanied by pain, because the affected organ is very sensitive and the most extended of our body. It is enough to make small daily steps to keep the skin hydrated and protected at all times, but if this is not enough and exogenous agents (insect bites, sunburn, chemical and other products) expose skin to stress, the first step is to recognize the symptoms to identify the problem.

Dermatitis and contact dermatitis

Dermatitis is generally an inflammatory reaction of the skin that appears with reddish-coloured rashes. It may be related to a skin disease and therefore may occur recurrently, or it may represent a response of our immune system to an external chemical, natural or artificial agent. In this case we are talking about contact dermatitis, which manifests itself with external reddening and itching.


This is a very common problem related to prolonged exposure of the skin to sunlight. Sunburn can affect everyone, even those without sensitive and delicate skin. These also appear with reddened skin and in more advanced cases with blisters along with an itchy and burning sensation. Once it disappears, after 4-5 days in non-problematic cases, the reddening turns into a tan but not without significant damage to our skin.

Excoriations and abrasions

They are the softest type of skin wound; in the former, unlike the latter, there is also a small amount of blood spillage together with lymph, which forms the most known "crust". This reaction is the first defence system put in place by our skin. In this case too, our skin is under stress, and although this is not a serious damage, it is essential not to neglect even the slightest abrasion from which an infection could originate..

Irritation from rubbing

The skin tends to redden when in contact for a long time with another surface against which it rubs. The most common case, however, is skin rubbing with other skin sections, in some cases worsened by other factors such as heat, sweat or salt. The most common irritation affects the inner thigh and can cause blistering or small sores in most cases, making it increasingly difficult and painful to move around. This phenomenon should not be overlooked, as in some cases it can become persistent and particularly unpleasant.

Skin irritations can be prevented through proper skin care: skin care affects not only the beauty of our skin but, as we have seen, also its health. If, for a variety of reasons, prevention is not enough and skin irritation occurs, the first steps can be taken, including choosing the right treatment. 

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