Cardiopathy and cardiovascular risk

Heart disease, i.e. heart problems, is very common and occurs in several ways. Let us learn to take care of this vital organ for life.

The term heart disease refers to all pathological changes affecting the heart and, more generally, the cardiovascular system.

Risk assessment

The Italian National Institute of Health (ISS), with the aim of preventing these very common problems (ischemia, heart attacks), has provided a system of risk calculation cardiovascular so as to make known, even to those who do not suspect exposure to the problem, their health situation. These systems of risk assessment of cardiovascular pathologies are very useful for the prevention, but they cannot be considered sufficient: it is very important, even if in a healthy state and not at risk, to always adopt a healthy and balanced diet, do physical activity and not expose yourself to situations of prolonged stress (both physical, which can be caused by alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse, and mental).


Despite the absence of specific risk factors, especially with advancing age, the cardiovascular system can suffer more or less important damage, which can be treated with drugs for the acute phase or with entire cycles of treatment. To prevent the occurrence of these problems, nature once again offers us its precious help: Innbiotec has formulated EUTENS® which helps to regulate blood pressure thanks to Oleuropein, Glutathione and Bilberry, also with oxidative anti-stress activity. In addition, together with the other active ingredients, it performs an action favoring the general psycho-physical balance: we firmly believe that only balance and wellbeing of body and mind can lead a fully healthy life.

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