High blood glucose and metabolic syndrome

Blood glucose levels are an important and easy-to-monitor index to prevent serious disorders.

The metabolic syndrome (MS, Metabolic Syndrome) is also known as insulin resistance syndrome; it is so called because it is caused by the resistance of peripheral tissues to insulin and can lead, if prolonged and untreated, to stroke, heart attack, diabetes.

It is also an important risk factor for breast cancer and other types neoplasia. One of the characteristics of MS is the excess of body fat localized especially at the abdominal level, which is associated with an imbalance of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. An incorrect and unregulated lifestyle is one of the main risk factors for the onset of MS.


The metabolic syndrome is in many cases linked to a too high blood glucose level, with blood glucose levels above 100mg/dL. The symptoms of too high glycaemia, in some cases neglected because they are quite common, are reddening of the face, difficulty in healing wounds, constant tiredness, dry skin. It is important to monitor blood glucose levels because they represent an alarm of a bigger problem (see diabetes), but also because they can lead to complications in the heart system, sight, kidneys and nervous system. As always, physical activity, healthy diet and reduced alcohol intake help to regulate our metabolism and control blood sugar levels. EUMETAB 360®stimulates insulin production, but that's not all: thanks to 100% natural extracts, such as green tea and fermented red rice, it controls the level of triglycerides in the blood and cholesterol promoting the body's 360-degree well-being, day after day..

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