Hair loss

Hair loss, thinning and brittle hair is a common issue for women and men of all ages.

Alopecia, i.e. hair loss, as well as brittle nails are very common problems not only related to a mature age or gender. Men and women of any age, at any stage of life, can suffer from alopecia.

Thinning hair and hair loss

This is a problem that has always been attributed to the male gender but in fact hair loss is not exclusive to the male gender, affects almost 40% of women especially in the mild form of thinning.


The causes can be several and varied such as stress, poor diet, genetic factors, trauma, hormonal causes, and people with fragile hair or strong hair can be affected. It is always appropriate to resort to remedies against hair loss that are supported by scientific research, and to use the right methods to assess their effectiveness (for example, measuring, before and after a treatment, the density of vital hair follicles and the diameter of the hair using a trichoscope).


Since the causes of alopecia are numerous and often co-existing, it is necessary to reduce the risk factors for your physical health (improve your diet, rebalance hormone levels) and mental (exclude or eliminate the factors that cause stress).

A condition of general physical well-being is crucial to support the action of externally applied products that exert locally a stimulatory activity on the metabolism of follicular cells.

BIOTRIKOS®is the solution proposed by Innbiotec after years of scientific research and studies that attest its effectiveness. It is a class-I patented medical device, which counteracts hair thinning and alopecia, indicated for strengthening hair and promoting hair regrowth..

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