Increase muscle mass

Improve physical performance; increase skeletal muscle mass

The muscle tissue represents the main constituent of body mass, corresponding in an adult to about 40% of the human body. The percentage of muscle mass is higher in the adult than in the child and the elderly, in the man than in the woman and in the athlete than in the sedentary subject. We hear about it in reference to sports activity and especially with reference to the physical activity performed in gyms, often aimed exclusively at increasing muscle mass. This habit, widespread for centuries, may seem a direct consequence of the hedonistic character inherent in man, so, in response to canons of beauty increasingly dry and toned, he has become more and more muscular.

The reality

In fact, proper muscle mass is a sign of health, a better quality of life and longevity. Taking care of your muscle mass is therefore not an obsessive aesthetic habit, as is often seen, but rather a very important care that we provide to our body. Muscle fragility with weak and tired muscles in fact manifests itself mainly in old age but it also affects those who lead a sedentary life. These individuals will be disadvantaged, compared to those who take care of their muscles (and therefore of their body) even in carrying out rather simple actions such as climbing a flight of stairs.

Motor activity

Motor activity is very important for physical well-being but also for the mental one, regardless of its nature because it gives us back, if well performed, a healthy and efficient body, able to follow us as we would like in all phases and needs of our life. Accompanied by a healthy diet, the motor activity may not be enough or need to be supplemented: vitamin D supplied by MYO PLUS®, together with its natural formulation, helps to maintain muscle mass and its strengthening by rebalancing the body weight.

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