Improvement of sports performances

Physical performances enhance athletic achievement.

In general, the physical activity of an individual is not exclusively related to his or her athletic training, in fact there are internal or external factors (psychological stress, pathologies, vitamin deficiency) that can compromise them.

This is even truer in relation to sports performance, especially when it requires an intense and short-term effort.

Athletic preparation

The right athletic preparation is essential, followed by a balanced diet according to your needs, which may not be enough. Precisely because of the nature of the activity and the speed of the training and nutrition cycles, in some cases it is necessary that the substances should be easy to digest and assimilate and this is not always possible with foods found in nature.

Nature's answer

Science comes to nature's help in order to meet our needs, providing us with easily assimilable low molecular weight carbohydrates and boosting antioxidant reserves to combat oxidative stress. Thanks to the scientific research that Innbiotec has been conducting for many years in collaboration with leading universities and research centers, the nutritional supplement BOOSTER PLUS® thanks to Creatine, Glutathione and vitamins increases the physical performance in view of a physical exercise while RACE PLUS®, thanks to the carbohydrates ready to use, provides energy to the body and mind.

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