Recovery from overtraining

Over training is a frequent problem in sportsmen and sportswomen but easily preventable, just a few precautions are needed.

The body of athletes, especially if they are agonists, is exposed to many efforts during competitions or training. In some cases, when the exercise load reaches high levels, overtraining occurs. This term is intended to indicate that the correct level of permissible physical exertion is being exceeded.

The consequences

The consequences are physical tiredness, inability to react to the stimuli of the body and therefore difficulty in achieving the athletic goal. The causes of overtraining are often to be found in an unhealthy lifestyle and an irregular diet but also in physical activity performed incorrectly.


It is therefore necessary to prevent overtraining whenever possible, both with the correct lifestyle (sleep, diet) and with varied training and stress reduction. Food supplements can help in prevention and especially in the treatment always in synergy with other factors. Glutathione (a substance already present in our body, but lacking in overtraining) is able to counteract the oxidative stress from which athletes are affected as a result of effort, but since this is not available in nature (e.g. through diet) it is necessary to take bioavailable glutathione; for this purpose it may be useful to take REFUEL PLUS®, together with RECHARGE PLUS® by Innbiotec.

RECOVERY PLUS®,on the other hand, rich in protein, allows a gradual and long-lasting recovery.

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