Increasing low immune defenses

A deficiency in immune defenses does not guarantee a total defense of our body: supplements rationally formulated to support the strengthening of the immune system can help us.

The immune system is a complex structure that is used by our body as a real weapon of defense against foreign agents, often harmful, of internal or external origin.

When the immune system encounters agents foreign to the body, it activates a series of cellular reactions aimed at eliminating, inactivating or rendering them harmless.

The causes

A lowering of immune defenses can be linked to external and temporary factors such as periods of intense stress, changing seasons, or prolonged use of antibiotics. 

Even in case of particular pathological states, such as lack of white blood cells in the blood, or leukopenia, there is a lasting lowering of our immune defenses.

It is clear that, when the natural defense barrier guaranteed by our immune system is reduced or compromised, our organism is exposed to numerous attacks, small and large, by pathogens and is unprotected. 

The solutions

As the consequences can also be serious, and to guarantee the physiological balance and improve the efficiency of the body we can strengthen our immune system by providing it with useful substances. 


In all cases of reduced functional capacity of immune system we can ensure our body provides substances already present, but in inadequate quantities, simply by reintegrating them, such as Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C, and by taking substances such as Oleuropein and Glutathione.xperimental and clinical trials have demonstrated their antiviral and antibacterial activity, in addition to their antioxidant action helpful to counteract oxidative stress that frequently accompanies states of immune deficiency.  

IMMUNO BOOST® by Innbiotec is designed in full respect of nature and according to robust scientific bases, this. Actually its constituents, of plant origin and free of unwanted side effects, have all been the subject of extensive studies that have confirmed the beneficial effects for the balance of our body.

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