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The body mass index is essential for optimal weight assessment in adults.

The body mass index, also known as BMI (Body Mass Index), is a parameter used to assess the individual's weight status in relation to the so-called desired BMI, i.e. ideal weight. This indicator aims to reveal, where present, a state of overweight, obesity or underweight because these conditions have direct correlations with the mortality rate and in general with psychophysical health.

Here is how to calculate the body mass index = [body mass in Kg / (stature in square meters )The problems related to weight are so relevant to the development of a healthy life that the World Health Organization has launched a table to identify the desirable body mass index, following which you can get an idea of your health condition, of course children under 18 years, over 65 and pregnant women are exempt from this calculation because they follow different for them:


 Age in years

IMC desirable

19 - 24 19 - 24
25 - 34 20 - 25
35 - 44 21 - 26
45 - 54 22 - 27
55 - 64 23 - 28
> 65 24 - 29



A person is defined as underweight when the body mass index is below 19. Less known than the opposite problem, this condition should not be overlooked at all because even if less widespread it still represents a health risk factor. The underweight affects all age groups, even if it is more frequent in adolescence.


According to WHO, individuals whose MBI is between 25 and 30 are overweight. This problem can also have serious health consequences, especially at the cardiovascular level, particularly if untreated and protracted to obesity.


There are different types of obesity, a condition found in individuals with BMI above 30. This can cause hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease.


It is advisable to lose weight whenever you are in the obesity or overweight range; however, it is not recommended to deliberately decide how to lose weight but it is always better to be followed by a nutritionist and a phisician. Whether you do it for health, sport or just for personal wellbeing, how to reach the ideal body mass index?

Again, a correct lifestyle that includes healthy eating and above all physical activity is the basis for achieving your ideal body mass index. To this aim we are helped by numerous additional remedy that stimulate the basic metabolism and make this process easier. 

BMI-OK® is the Innbiotec supplement that draws from nature and scientific research the necessary resources to help you reach your ideal body mass index and keep it under control. The presence of green tea, coffee, grapefruit, glutathione and bitter orange stimulate lipid metabolism, normalize intestinal function and rebalance weight, as well as provide other benefits to maintain your body balanced..

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