It counteracts hair loss in men and women and stimulates regrowth.

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  • Counteracts hair loss
  • Stimulates regrowth
  • Cares for and strengthens the cute
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It counteracts hair loss and stimulates regrowth.
  • Description

    BIOTRIKOS®Biotrikos is a specific medical device for the treatment of baldness. It counteracts hair loss in men and women by optimizing the metabolism of follicular scalp cells. It nourishes the skin of the scalp, counteracts hair thinning and stimulates hair regrowth and strengthening.

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  • Benefits

    Thanks to its original and patented composition BIOTRIKOS® is an optimized product for the treatment of degenerative scalp disorders. It provides a healthy appearance, contributes to the proper functionality of the bulb and preserves it from an early senescence also due to the'action of the free radicals, generated by psycho-physical stress, bad nutrition, smoke and pollution. It is optimally indicated for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata and severe and durable telogen effluvium, alopecia areata and severe and resistant baldness. Its effectiveness is demonstrated by clinical trials conducted by eminent trichologists: in a few weeks, the hair regrowth becomes evident and long-lasting.

  • How to use it

    In the evening, when hair is dry, distribute 3 mL on the scalp area affected by hair loss; massage gently with your fingers and let it absorb.

  • Ingredients

    Arachidonoyl/linolenoyl/Linoleoyl Glutathione, Oleuropein.

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Biotrikos® | Innbiotec Pharma
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