Natural dietary supplement designed to lose weight and maintain body mass index (BMI) under control.

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  • It is formulated to help keep body mass index under control
  • It stimulates the basal metabolism and the lipolysys process
  • It acts by reducing the sense of appetite


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Weight loss and correct BMI
  • Description

    BMI-OK® helps maintaining body mass index under control by stimulating basic metabolism and the lipolysis process, regulating carbohydrate metabolism. It contains olive extract to stimulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, as demonstrated by numerous clinical trials, naringin, which promotes fat mass reduction, and green coffee, with proven tonic and metabolic supportive action. 

  • Benefits

    L'Olive extract stimulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids and helps to protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. Green coffee, instead, has a tonic and metabolic support action, while Coleus and'bitter orange help to balance body weight (stimulating lipid metabolism). Green tea and grapefruit favour the drainage of body fluids and the normal intestinal function; 5-hydroxytryptophan stimulates serotonin synthesis thus inducing the sense of fullness; chromium contributes to normal metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels; selenium and vitamin D3 contribute to the normal immune system function.

  • How to use it

    Recommended dosage: 2 capsules for subjects with body mass below 70 Kg; 3 capsules for subjects with body weight between 70 and 95 Kg, 4 capsules for subjects with body mass above 95 Kg. In the context of an appropriate hypocaloric, and possibly hyperproteic and hypoglycemic diet, take the capsules before the main meals for a period of time to reach a BMI value close to normal values. The weight loss considered optimal is between 1 and 1.5 kg / week, calculated as an average over 4 weeks. In the following maintenance phase, take 1 capsule per day.

  • Ingredients

    Green coffee beans; Coleus forkholii root; green tea leaves; oleuropein; bitter orange; caffeine; grapefruit seeds; selenomethionine; vitamin D3. 

    Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate,colloidal silica.

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BMI-OK® | Innbiotec Pharma
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