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recovery plus®

High protein energy bars for a quick recovery after an intense muscle activity.

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Regain energies
  • Description

    Its mix of quickly assimilated proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals make RECOVERY PLUS® a perfect food for improving stress resistance and physical performance under stress and for compensating the loss of electrolytes caused by sweating. In addition, it increases the normal cardiac function by reducing tiredness and'fatigue. 

  • Benefits

    Thanks to its special composition of proteins and carbohydrates, RECOVERY PLUS® contributes to the maintenance and growth of the muscular mass. RECOVERY PLUS® is particularly efficient in reducing tiredness and fatigue, promoting the quick recovery of muscular performance in view of further physical efforts. The maltodextrins of the hydrosoluble low molecular weight carbohydrates available for the body, ensure a reserve of ready use energy during the intensive and prolonged muscle activity.  

  • How to use it

    Intake up to two servings a day, after training or sport performance.

  • Ingredients

    Glutathione 250 mg, Curcumin (Curcuma longa L.) extract 250 mg, Rhodiola Rosa (Rhodiola Rosea L.) root E.S. 400 mg, Creatine 3000 mg, Piperine (Piper Nigrum L.) E.S. 30 mg, Vitamin C 100 mg, Vitamin B6 2 mg, Magnesium 200 mg. 

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Recovery plus® | Innbiotec Pharma
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